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Wi-Fi Design Service & Consulting

Zcomax is proud to offer our professional Wi-Fi consulting services, where our engineers can design a reliable and efficient wireless solution specific to your company’s needs. We offer services ranging from product development to designing complete wireless network systems.


Product Development

Zcomax's consultation team focuses on delivering new product designs in full partnership with our customers. Not only do we take your product from the concept stage all the way to prototype production, we can also assist with manufacturing services and sales and marketing initiatives as well. 

Our product development services extend beyond just providing hardware. We also specialize in providing customized drivers, firmware, user interfaces, mechanical structures, system integration, and product testing/certifications specific to your needs.


Network Design

Zcomax is proud to offer our professional Wi-Fi installation and project management services. It is our goal to make sure that you have implemented an optimized wireless network for your organization. Our network professionals can design and deploy Wi-Fi networks for municipalities, convention centers, college campuses, industrial facilities, camp grounds/RV parks, marinas, health care facilities, apartment complexes and large residential housing tracts. Contact our offices and see what we can do for you.

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