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Wireless ISP

WISP operators have been pioneers in the outdoor Wi-Fi industry. Typical WISP network infrastructures have pushed the limits of Wi-Fi devices by not only requiring the equipment to operate outdoors in scorching heat and below freezing temperatures, but also demanding extreme reliability in order to avoid downtime. Another challenge that cannot be overlooked is the need to cover large areas over very long distances. Zcomax has been providing equipment to the WISP industry since 2000, and our current product line continues to expand to serve our clients' needs and meet new demands from the industry.



  • Harsh outdoor environments 

  • Spanning long distances 

  • Reliability 

  • Management and troubleshooting tools

Zcomax Solutions

  • Outdoor rated WI-FI products 

  • Availability of external antenna connectors 

  • Centralized management utility

Network Architecture

Network Architecture

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