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Digital Signage

In only a few short years, digital signage has grown from a novelty product into a critical media and marketing tool. Digital signage can be found in places like transportation hubs, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and corporate offices, just to name a few. The driving force behind this popularity is the fact that content can be updated frequently and easily using a reliable wireless connection. Zcomax offers a variety of wireless products that are well suited to the digital signage industry. For legacy digital signage devices that only have an Ethernet port, Zcomax offers a variety of high power Ethernet to Wi-Fi clients that will provide the freedom to mount your displays virtually anywhere. For digital display manufacturers and system integrators, we also offer powerful Wi-Fi modules that can be easily integrated within the displays themselves. Digital signage is here to stay—and so is Zcomax’s commitment to providing high quality, long range wireless connections.



  • Harsh outdoor environments 

  • Difficult mounting locations 

  • High installation costs


Zcomax Solutions

  • Wi-Fi to Ethernet client devices 

  • Outdoor rated WI-FI products 

  • High power devices allowing for installation flexibility and mobility 

  • Industrial Wi-Fi modules for integration

Network Architecture

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