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4G/LTE Dual-SIM Remote Terminal Unit for SCADA


The AMIT IOG500-0T001 4G/LTE Dual-SIM Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for SCADA is designed for applications that require robust cellular connectivity for networks supporting IP and legacy serial devices.


Key Features

  • Dual-SIM: Automatically switches over to a second cellular network when the primary cellular network fails.

  • Versatile interfaces: Supports Ethernet, RS485/232, and Cellular (LTE Cat. 4).

  • Intelligent Protocol Conversion: The RTU operates as a Modbus gateway that connects devices in the field and SCADA server converting Modbus / RTU / ASCII traffic.

  • Smart Event Handling: Rule-based event handling feature allows administrators to activate corresponding actions based on input and behavior changes.

  • IPv4/IPv6: Supports IPv4/IPv6 for universal TCP/IP compatibility.

  • Rich VPN technology support: IPSec (up to 3 tunnels), OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GRE.

  • Ideal for critical deployments in installations such as:

    • Infrastructure: ITS, utility, AMR, street lighting

    • Security: surveillance, environmental monitoring

    • Industry: livestock, agriculture, factory

    • Device SCADA: PLC, IED, generator, sensor, pipe

    • Building: security, energy, waste, facility, lighting

  • Web interface plus CLI and Command Script: Easy-to-use web-based interface for simple set-up with advanced configuration available via CLI and script.

  • NMS and SDK: Supports SNMP for use with popular management tools. Available AMIT-NMS for multi-site management with optional SDK for application expansion development.

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