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The ZCN-1523H-2-8 is an all-in-one, 802.11n cost-effective, high power, weatherproof wireless device ideal for any outdoor application. The true value of the ZCN-1523H-2-8 is its flexibility. It is possible to build an entire 2.4GHz wireless LAN network using just this model alone as it supports Access Point, Station, Repeater and Bridge modes. Adding to its value, the ZCN-1523H-2-8 is integrated with an 8dBi antenna as well as a software selectable external antenna connector. The combined value and performance of the ZCN-1523H-2-8 is what has made it a customer favorite. 


  • 802.11n Compliance 

  • 26dBm (400mW) Average* Output Power 

  • Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure 

  • Integrated 8dBi Panel Antenna 

  • External N-Male Antenna Connector 

  • 15V PoE 

  • Multiple BSSID/VLAN IDs 

  • TDM coordination in AP/CPE modes 

  • Network activity monitor 

  • HTTPS/SSH communication 

  • SNMP 

  • Data rate test 

  • Noise flow/SNR display 

  • Station monitoring 

  • Adjustable output power in 1dBm increments 

  • Antenna alignments with RSSI and signal level display 

  • 5MHz/10MHz bandwidth control 

  • Captive portal management 

  • Channel shifting 

  • Antenna gain/power auto-adjustmentD

  • DHCP relay agent

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