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Enterprise-Class Long Range 5GHz Access Point with External SMA/RP Antenna Connectors

ZAC-1023-5 is a high powered, long range 802.11n 5GHz outdoor radio that includes four operating modes for ultimate flexibility. Two external SMA antenna connectors allow for supporting various types of antennas best suited for the situation, from a long distance point to point connection, to a need for reliable area-wide access. The weatherproof enclosure, versatile mounting bracket, and PoE support make it quick and simple to mount the ZAC-1023-5 in even the most difficult of locations. Adding further to the value, the ZAC-1023-5 also includes a new Virtual Access Controller (VAC) function that allows for a convenient way to configure and manage the settings of similar devices, which is ideal for smaller networks where wireless controller products are not cost effective or feasible.


  • High power 5GHz IEEE 802.11an 2x2 radio 

  • Up to 300Mbps wireless speed 

  • Two external SMA RF connectors 

  • Weatherproof IP55 rated enclosure 

  • 24Vdc Passive PoE network power supply 

  • Extended operating temperature range 

  • Four operational modes: AP, Client, Repeater, WDS Bridge

  • Virtual access controller functionality

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