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Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi Access Point with Smart Antenna Technology

The ZN-1000-ZBS is specially designed with the goal of providing high performance Wi-Fi coverage over large open spaces. To achieve this, Zcomax has combined one of the highest performance wireless access points available today and paired it with its latest smart antenna technology. This combination provides for longer range, reduced interference, and high throughput performance. The ZN-1000-ZBS operates at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency ranges and delivers up to 600Mbps of throughput (300mbps per radio). This makes the ZN-1000-ZBS especially ideal for applications that require extending Wi-Fi coverage beyond what is typically found in products today, as well as serving latency-sensitive applications such as Voice and Video over Wi-Fi. Unprecedented performance and reliability makes this Smart AP a powerful solution for the telecom carriers, ISPs, industrial, or enterprise market. 

The ZN-1000-ZBS can operate not only as a stand-alone access point but can also be centrally managed by any of our AP Controller products. When centrally managed by the Zcomax AP controller, the ZN-1000-ZBS can be easily and efficiently configured on the fly for optimal network performance and security. This smart access point sets a new standard for high performance enterprise wireless technology.



Unprecedented range and reliability 
Smart antenna beam switching technology selects the best transmission path for each client by dynamically setting one of the 1200 possible antenna patterns available. The result is up to 8dB of added signal gain from the access point. 

Smart RF management optimizes throughput and mitigates interference
By combining automatic channel selection, adjustable transmit power, and advanced interference mitigation technology, the ZN-1000-ZBS reduces interference by up to 24dB, thus providing the best network performance possible. 

Outstanding performance
Thanks to its IEEE 802.11n 2x2 MIMO dual-band radio technology, the ZN-1000-ZBS smart access point provides up to 600Mbps throughput over a greater range than competing access points. 

The ZN-1000-ZBS offers several operating options including AP, Bridge, Repeater and Station modes. This flexibility enables the device to accommodate a variety of networking and deployment needs. 

Enables a myriad of new services and opportunities
The ZN-1000-ZBS enables new revenue-generating services such as hotspots with higher user densities, IP video applications, and mobile data offload. Furthermore, it is ideal for deploying outdoor WLAN access and wireless backhaul for security surveillance. 

Simple and flexible deployment
Support for standard 802.3at Power over Ethernet reduces deployment costs by simplifying the installation process in difficult-to-reach locations. Additionally, the IP67 waterproof enclosure provides even more flexibility in selecting an ideal mounting location whether indoors or outdoors.

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